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We never compromise on quality because  quality is not an act it is a habit. We are the preferred service chosen by those who are keen to enjoy the very best life has to offer. 

Our incomparable 7 star service will be your unforgettable , unrepeatable First Class experience.

A perfect journey

Offering the most reliable and quality travel  Elite First Class has exceptional resources and capabilities designed to simplify your life and your travel needs.

Let us design a perfect private journey for you ….

Founder & CEO

“I was raised to hustle like a man because I was told never to depend on one.”

Elite First Class – Mykonos would be just an idea without Kiki Macheridou’s intention to create the best Concierge Agency for the Elite VIP Guests. Working with important people for many years, having key-jobs in big firms, she knows all the top secrets to create a safe environment for Elite VIP Guests, who are looking for their person in trust, to give them the needed attention making their requests a reality.

Providing only the most luxury quality products and services, Kiki is taking care of their accommodation leisure and privacy, assisting the best options always depending on the individual needs of her clients, making her their lucky card!

Born and raised in Germany, with studies in the Economics and Interior Design, she operated actively in Greece and abroad for the past 20 years, until 3 years ago, when she decided to make her dream come true. Kiki managed to make Elite First Class – Mykonos operating in 3 different destinations in Greece, Mykonos – Paros – Santorini.

Her basic rules are timing, perfection, discretion and value for money, basic requests for a Elite VIP Guests. With an artist’s attention to detail and strong personality Kiki drives her team to a high level, teaching that anything is possible as you have the passion.

Let’s make it together incomparable, unforgettable & unrepeatable.  

But we got more

Quality attracts Quality

Renal Dialysis Unit

A Brant new Dialysis Unit in Mykonos

The new wing of our 800 m2 Clinic will house a new dialysis unit, a priceless, innovative, and inspired act, which aims at enabling kidney patients to travel and visit one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide, Mykonos.

This new unit has been gradually increasing the number of dialysis chairs, to reach 20 ultra-modern Fresenius 5008s machines. It will soon be a medical/tourist resort for the treatment of chronic kidney disease, offering superior quality of life and opportunities to recover lost travel and leisure experiences through the delightfully unique hospitality of the island, and the special support of SEA Medical Health Clinic SA.